A few months ago Kris and I had the opportunity to see “In the Shadow of the Moon”. It was a fantastic documentary about the Apollo moon landings. It will be out on DVD (link) this coming February.

During one of the movie previews (a documentary demonizing “right to life” politics) a shot of President Bush came on the screen and several people hissed. I understand a dislike of a President’s policies or even the man himself, that’s why we have presidential term limits. I don’t understand the angst that would motivate people to hiss. Particularly when the person they disagree with isn’t even there.

Aid, “Mr. President… somebody hissed”
President, “How could I be so wrong we must get out of Iraq today

I mentioned to my wife that I needed to start hissing more—perhaps it would help me get my way more often. My problem is I haven’t actually hissed since the 1st grade so after decades of neglect it would appear that my hiss is nonfunctional.


~ by pakeener on January 6, 2008.

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