West Virginia Presidential Primary

When my ancestors first immigrated from Germany to the United States they settled in what is now Braxton County, West Virginia.

Last night when I saw this I was ashamed…

…and so should be West Virginia.

I have yet to make up my mind as to whom I will vote for in November. Honestly, the candidate I would have voted for didn’t run (though I have seen him named as a potential VP) and the person I voted for in the Washington primary has dropped out.

When the election comes I will probably consider voting record, leadership qualifications and do I believe they will not make a good President. Not:

Race… “Those people scare me”, you people of West Virginia scare me!

Name… Hussein? Did you actually say you didn’t vote for Obama because his middle name is the same as a deposed dictator that was hanged? I guess I am lucky nobody has put 2 and 2 together and linked me with Alfred Rosenberg (link)



~ by pakeener on May 15, 2008.

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